seven months

Weekly Review

How far along? 30 weeks!

Total weight gain/loss: +2lbs, so that's 14 total.

Maternity clothes? oh yeah.

Stretch marks? not yet. ::knocks on wood::

Sleep: so when I was thinking about this over the weekend, I was going to write: "well, this cold is certainly not making it easier... and I'm back to waking up twice a night to pee, plus half-waking a few times to roll over... but its not too bad yet" and then I slept like I was dead, without waking once Sunday night and last night! So, yay for that!

Best moment this week: my awesome baby shower!

Movement: yup. big ones and small ones... pointy elbows and feet poking out.

Food cravings: not much lately.

Actual Gender: GIRL! :-)

Labor Signs: none so far, thankfully!

Belly Button in or out? Um, flat... verging on outtie!

What I miss: being able to easily put on socks and shoes, seeing my whole stomach! Lol.

What I am looking forward to: Christmas, though that's not really baby related. But I look forward to every appointment, just love hearing that heartbeat (140s again yesterday).

Weekly Wisdom: i have nothing.

Milestones: after this, we're in the single digit weeks!


  1. Yay for seven months!! I can't wait to be there and in a few months I will be approaching that mark. I can't believe how much the first trimester is flying by now. I noticed your due date is February 23rd which is me and DH's wedding anniversary. We are due on June 23rd there must be something about the number 23 it is a lucky number!! Wishing you a wonderful week!

  2. Wow, time is just flying by! You look great.

    P.S. Cute shoes. ;)

  3. Check out my blog you have a blog award there!!!!!

  4. @jrose: Yay for lucky 23! :-)

    @Denise: Some crunchy, hottie lady told me about them. ;-)

    @Stumbull: My first blog award! Yay! Check back tomorrow afternoon, I'll post my 10 then.

  5. You look great hun! I agree with the awesome shoes!! and I love your wisdom comment :D hehe


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