weekend review, in pictures

(well, some words too... because when do I shut up, really?!)

Playing under the futon...

We went out on Friday night and got this:

Our first tree (with a green velvet tree skirt)! :-)
(... sort of ironic, considering what I wrote on Friday, but yay! I love it!)

Sunday I got to add this to it:

Gwen's first Christmas ornament... a beautiful, handmade gift from my shower. It also came with this:

Which is now on the back of the futon in the nursery.
The shower was great, we are so lucky and were really blessed by everyone:

We got our stroller, car seat, baby tub, space saver high chair, crib mattress, diaper bag, mai tai baby carrier, tons of clothes, bottles, diapers, wipes, misc bath and diapering items, and baby books.

We played a game where they had to guess my waist size (38 7/8"!), and one where they cut up printed out pictures of Trav and I as babies, and paste them together to show what our baby would look like. The results were entertaining:

This was one of the funnier ones:

Trav liked it because he thought it made our baby look like a ninja turtle. Lol.
Then I did some of these:

And we sorted through gifts and got most stuff put away. We still have to wash everything, but we at least have it all in the room!

Ro, my mom, and Kerry did an amazing job and I'm so grateful to all of them for doing this for me (and Gwen!). I feel so lucky.

I'll have to wait to share pictures from the actual shower, since I didn't bring my camera, and I haven't received pictues from others yet. But it was a great weekend.

As for sickness, well my cold is still going... but I'm feeling a little better. I'm still stuffy, but my nose isn't hurting anymore and other then the not breathing well because of stuffiness thing, I feel fine! So hopefully we're almost done with this.

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  1. LOL at the picture and comment from Travis -- definitely looks like a ninja turtle THATS AWESOME!! hahaha I'm really sorry about not making it - but I'm glad you guys had a good time and were blessed with all the gifts from everyone -- can you email me your address (I think I have it but I'm not 100% if and where it is). Ttys love ya ;)


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