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Its still so far away, but I love the teaser. I can't wait!!!!!!!!

Also, things I forgot to add yesterday:

- When I came home Tuesday, Trav had pulled out all the Christmas stuff and decorated! The stockings are hung, our Christmas trinkets are out, half the ornaments are on the tree (he ran out of time to finish), and the only big thing left to do is the lights on the front porch. Go Trav!

- Gwen has apparently found my hip bone... and she occasionally rolls against it now. Which, um, ouch., sciatica pain! Just every once in a while, but boy is that enough. I guess I can say that Gwen is already a pain in my ass, literally. ;-)

- I have to recommend a website, and specifically two products. I have been using Belli Acne Clearing Face Wash from Maternitique for a while... I love that its all natural and smells nice, plus the way it makes my face feel. So great. The nice thing about Maternitique is that they always send samples... they recently sent me this Angel Baby Lotion. Oh my, I just bought a bottle because baby is this stuff lovely. 95% organic, makes my skin super soft, and oh the smell... I wish I could capture that for online, because that is what I would want A New Day to smell like. So lovely. Check them out.

Lastly, I promised a second video... but turn away if you are afraid of bare bellies. I was trying to capture Gwen moving my belly around to send to my best girl Babs, and I thought I would share it here too. So, without further ado (or warning!), Baby Belly Dances:

It's not the best video ever... but if you watch closely, you can see my belly dance!

Okay, that's all for now. Back to work for me!

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  1. So I have to admit the whole belly moving thing is a little weird... does it feel weird when she does it? Still neat to actually watch your belly come to life! lol


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