aches and pains and cucumbers

My birthday's not for another month and its like I got old overnight. I'm so glad my new running shoes should be here this week because my bottom half is basically thigh, big bundle of bruisiness, calf, ankle, foot. Runners knee... bah. But, I have some gentle stretches, my new shoes are coming, and I'm doing some strengthening stuff. The good news is it doesn't hurt when I run... the bad news is the longer I sit/lay the more sore and stiff it is when I get up. Mornings are the worst, and I look like a 90-year old trying to go down the stairs. Oops.

Gwen is crabby in her own right, working on her eye teeth... finally! She has all the rest of her teeth, including the 2nd molars, but those eye teeth just weren't coming out. Well they are finally poking through and we had a few nights of rough sleep because of it. Its been better, especially now that we can see actual tooth poking up, but she's still a little crabby. I'm happy they're coming, but I'm going to miss this gap-toothed grin a little. 

Working from home today and enjoying the cool breeze coming in the window. I ruined it a little by roasting some potatoes for our favorite salad, but it still feels nice in here. I keep enjoying the view every time I walk in my kitchen:

This would be my first cucumber from our garden! And one of Trav's jalapenos! I love our little garden.

On that note, back to work!

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