a day makes all the difference

I am so glad I didn't post yesterday. It was such a horrid day. Little things going wrong, big fights, the works. But work stuff wrapped up, and big, healing talks were had, and my new shoes arrived which made me happy. Things are better now, and I'm feeling better now. I'm glad I didn't put that out there yesterday because today I can put happy things into the universe, and that's so much nicer feeling!

Cape Cod time is upon us and I can't wait to post some pictures of swimming in the lake, and cousins playing together, and my dog.... and husband, in their favorite place! I can't wait to read, and sleep, and run, and talk, and eat amazing clam chowder. I'm hoping by next Sunday, I'll be a much more refreshed Meegs!

Still content to be had here throughout next week, so keep stopping by. But for now, I hit the road!

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