Red Charlotte {review and early giveaway entries}

This is the third sponsor spotlight in my series of reviews of the amazing sponsors for my upcoming A New Decade! giveaway. Check them out to learn about some great companies, and earn extra entries for the giveaway!


Where to even start with our Red Charlotte baby doll carrier?!

Is this picture enough of a review? Because seriously, be still my heart!!

If that's not enough, then how about the fact that Gwen was so upset about 5 seconds after I showed it to her because I didn't have two, one for each of her babies, Lily and Laura!

Problem solved!
I love this baby doll carrier, and if you have a child with a doll, they will probably love it too. Especially if you wear them (they love doing what the adults get to do). It is beautiful and well-made, and the people of Red Charlotte are so easy to work with.

They are simple for kids to put on... just slip their arms in the top straps like a backpack and snap the chest clip, then clip the other straps around the waist. An elastic band on the inside keeps the baby doll or stuffed animal in place, and build in little loops hold the extra strap material when you tighten them.

All of her fabrics are beautiful too, with feminine, masculine, and gender neutral options.

Red Charlotte also offers stuff sacks (storage sacks in small for the doll carriers or big sizes for your Ergo/Beco/Boba), car seat strap covers, and sucking pad (pads to put over your Ergo/Beco/Boba straps if baby likes to chew on them!).

And if you are interest, you can follow along with the very unusual and interesting life of Red Charlotte creator Charlotte (here), as her and her expanding family take to the seas in their boat, to travel around the world!

Connect with Red Charlotte on facebook.

BUY:  You can purchase your own Red Charlotte baby doll carrier, sucking pads, etc! on their etsy page, here.

WIN: Come back August 13th to enter for a chance to win a baby doll carrier of your own. But comment on this post now for extra entries!

Disclaimer: Red Charlotte provided me with a baby doll carrier for review, free of charge, and is providing one to the prize winner in my giveaway event. No other compensation was provided, and all options expressed here are my own. 


  1. omgosh, too cute!! I definitely need one of these for my toddler... he tries to breastfeed his baby sister and loves pushing around his stuffed animals in a stroller - he'd love to wear them!!

  2. So sweet! I bet my daughter would love to have one of these. She has a pretend carrier but it doesn't work well at all. This one seems so simple and like it would be easy to use.

  3. my neighbors daughter would love this!

  4. You sure go for comfort & I can see it in these pictures of such products....NICE!!!

  5. How darling are these things, and the detail - my gosh! You can really see the care that goes into her designs.

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    email: annazed10 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  6. How cool that they are boating around the world?!?!?! What an opportunity! This baby carrier is absolutely fabulous! What a great way for little ones to show how much they love to be worn by copying their parents : )

  7. These are so cute. I've made my own for my oldest girls with plastic rings but I really like these. My four year old would probably love to have one.

  8. That kids size baby carrier is just so stinking adorable!!!

  9. such a cute idea and great for little ones who want to be just like mommy and daddy carrying the baby!

  10. I wish I could of had one of these when I was a little girl. I hope the baby i'm expecting is a girl so I can buy her cute little things like this doll carrier!

  11. My daughter would love this because she loves carrying her baby around!


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