end of the rainbow

I love summer storms, and we got a good one on Saturday. We had planned to be out at the time it arrived, but the fates had gotten us out of the house earlier, and thus, back home earlier, and I'm so glad they did. Not only did we get our errands done, but we got to watch a killer storm. It even gave us a rainbow that ended on our neighbors car!

But even better, once it slowed down to not torrential levels, we were able to go out and do some puddle splashing!


We started off in front of our house, but grabbed the dog and headed to the tennis courts across the street. They drains get clogged with leaves, and the puddles get huge there (5 feet across, ankle deep). Gwen loved every second of it... and frankly, so did Trav and I!

Sunday we headed to Delaware to visit with some friends and their 2 year old daughter, and meet their almost 2-month old daughter. Gwen was smitten with the baby.

She kept saying, "Me hold baby Charlotte!" 

So sweet.

Add in two mornings of late sleeping, and this was an A+ kind of weekend!! I'm feeling refreshed and ready to face the week.

How was your weekend?

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