appreciating where I am

It seems like human nature to get down on yourself. To count up what you haven't done and not give credit for what you have. I try my best to "go easy" on myself, but I'm no exception to the rule. But I had a moment the other day when I began to really appreciate where I am, so I wanted to embrace it, and keep it going.

I went out running on Friday night. It was hot, so very hot, and I had just run the night before, so heaven knows I didn't want to... but I also knew that I didn't want to leave day 3 for the weekend when Saturday was going to be busy and even hotter. So I set my mind to it, laced my shoes and hit the road. As I was doing my cool down walk, the last block before I got home, it hit me... just 4 short months ago I wasn't doing any of this. I was trying to eat better, but minus going for some short walks my exercise was pretty nil. I wasn't doing my intensive 4-hour service projects at Ridley Creek (including sauna-like ones in 95* temps like this weekend!), and I certainly wasn't out running 3 days a week.

And that's just exercise. I mentioned before the steps we're taking to move to a house that's a better fit for us. Which will also put us in a better place financially. It hit me, just like that, I'm (we're) making some really positive changes in my life and it feels good. I'm a dreamer, and I want to make a big difference in this world. Its so easy to get bogged down feeling like I'm so far from that. Its great though to have a moment where I realize how far I've come.

There are so many paths ahead of me, so many open doors. I can't wait to see where I end up even just a year from now.

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  1. You are so right Sweetheart....we have to embrace the good things we have and do. Also, I know that really warm feeling you had inside when you finished that run. It amazes me that I would ever stop my "exercize" routines when I have experienced "runner's high" or whatever, so many times in my life. I am right where you are now with my new gym membership. I feel SO good.


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