swimming, and those of us who just look like we've been swimming

Trav is handling Gwen's last swim lesson today. I'm definitely sad to miss it, but I really wanted to be at the monthly Ridley Park service project (especially since he was going to be the one going in the water anyway).

Though now that the temp is supposed to hit 101* I'm seriously rethinking that decision... 

Sorry, I know I've been mentioning the weather a lot lately, but I'm just so not a summer person. This hot weather wears me down. We have a few more months of this though, so for today I'm just going to bring a big bottle of cold water to drink, a good hat, and a bandana to wet down and put around my neck. Oh, and accept the fact that I'm going to look as much like I've gone for a dip in the pool as Gwen and Trav!!

Obviously these pictures are from last week, but I imagine/hope that I would have gotten similar ones today, since she did so well last week.

My little fishy. Can't wait to see how she does in the lake at Cape Cod.

Happy weekend! Stay cool!

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