The heat makes me cranky, it really does. I may have cried a little when Gwen was giving me a hard time about nap today, and the dear gave me a big hug and kiss to make me feel better. Of course, then she didn't nap at all... so maybe she was just buttering me up. At least no nap means an easy and slightly early bedtime. I remember when I was a kid, I used to not want to go to bed because I didn't want to miss the fun. Well I'm totally enjoying that early bedtime by watching a movie while eating some ice cream, so maybe my childhood self was on to something.

Seriously though, this snap of 90s is hard to stomach, and I'm just going to have to wear Trav down a bit and convince him to use more A/C. We keep Gwen's room nice and cool, and our room is nice and cool at night... but during the day we don't have ours on, so the whole upstairs (minus Gwen's room) is very hot, and he likes to keep our single downstairs A/C set at 80*. Yeah, cranky here.

Thank goodness this month has some things to make me a lot less cranky. Pedicure today with Ro for her belated b-day present. We all have Wednesday off for the 4th. I have Friday off as well, and Ro & I will be meeting up for a movie. Then its only a week until Cape Cod! You know what the forecast is there? High 70s/Low 80s!

Swimming went well again this week, Trav was in the pool with Gwen this time, and she did great with that. Next week he does it alone, since I'm going to be at Ridley Creek for my monthly service project. I hope its not too hot... though right now they're saying it will be, ugh.

Despite the heat, I completed Week 1 of C25k. I'm hoping week 2 in mostly 90s doesn't do me in.

On that note... time to go get my ice cream.  :-)

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