one-day weekend

We were all in bed by 9:30 last night, sighing with relief as we closed our eyes. It was a great 4th of July, but boy was it tiring. The combination of the heat, the running around after babies, and the day's activities wore us all out.

Gwen and Trav were down at the end of our street by 8:30 (after being up for 2 hours already) to watch the motorcycles parade pass by, and see the firetrucks leave the station to get into position for the big parade. I hopped in the shower then met them down there in time for the parade to pass by.

After that we headed back to the house for a bit before going over to the park to check out the community celebration. Gwen rode the little train again, but it was really hot already so we headed back pretty quickly.

Ro, Pat, and the girls arrived around lunch, and while Trav grilled, they did a bunch of splashing and flopping in the pool.

We spent a lot of the rest of the day inside though, since it was in the high 90s with lots of humidity and a blazing hot sun. Especially since Jeremy and Kerry and this little beauty dropped by for a few hours too:

She's such a sweetie, just 6 weeks old, and Ro & I couldn't get enough of snuggling her. 

Everyone shipped our around 6:30, just in time for us to head straight upstairs to get Gwen ready for bed, since she hadn't napped. She was down for the count at 7:15, which was perfect since it gave us some downtime while still getting us to bed early.

Plus we had to clean up the 3-alarm toddler bomb that went off in our living room!

All-in-all, a really great (though tiring) day!

Another plus, all my crazy "love to set off fireworks" neighbors (not our close neighbors, but some loons a few streets over) respected the fact that it was a Wednesday and didn't set anything off much past 10.

As for today, we are back to work and the morning went amazingly smoothly. Other then it being 85* before 7:30, and Gwen deciding she wanted to wear "underwear" (bloomers) OVER her shorts this morning, and for a little while shoes on her hands with her sandals on her feet, it was a pretty easy typical morning.

How was your fourth?

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