a wordy wednesday

I love the start of a new month. I love all the things to look forward to, and this month, the next few months, are certainly no exception. In fact, there is rather more then normal to look forward to!

In order of "arrival": a playdate with Ro Pat and the girls, my 30th birthday (and whatever Trav has planned to go with that), visit or two with my parents, Gwen and Daisy's first camping trip, the Color Run in DC, 3 Lehigh games, the beginning of Autumn, the Celtic Classic, our 12th/6th anniversary, my friend's baby shower, Vegas with the ladies, a work weekend in Pittsburgh (which I'm bringing the fam along for), and Halloween.

Not to mention the normal Sierra Club service projects at Ridley Creek, plus normal family silliness which will hopefully include playing in leaves this fall, carving pumpkins, and lots of outdoor fun as the weather gets cooler. Also a few days off with Gwen at the end of August, with no set plans.

And that's just through October.

I can't wait for new experiences. I can't wait to share some of my favorite things with Gwen. I just can't wait.

Something else adding to my "looking forward" mentality right now? The fact that this past weekend we completed closing on our refinance. Our mortgage is now significantly less, we can overpay every month and still put more in savings, plus our first payment isn't until October (which means we can repay our closing costs back to our savings, plus some). We were so lucky to find this when we did, and so happy for what it means for our family. Much longer term obviously, but still, makes for a lovely future optimism!

What are you looking forward to?

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