the very best birthday

What a birthday! Started yesterday with lunch out with my coworkers, then cookies from my interns, and sweet little gifts that were so me from the lovely Tally. Today: Many messages, emails, and calls. Sleeping in until almost 10am! New diamond stud earrings from Trav & Gwen to replace the one I lost. Amazon gc from family. A day spent eating sushi and touring the Eastern State Penitentiary (which I've wanted to see forever!).

And a surprise visit from my boy Apoc.
But the best part showed up earlier then that. At 12:30 in the morning to be exact:

Yup, that would be my girl Babs. Flown in from California, just to see little ole me! Psyched doesn't begin to describe my feelings!! Not to mention surprised, since the two of them managed to keep it a secret for more then 2 months! 

More from the Penitentiary:


The best part was the thunderstorm that rolled in at the end of our tour. Extra ambiance! 

Al Capone's cell!

Straight off a horror movie set! Seriously.
After the tour, we came home grabbing some Chinese on the way. Then it was time for cookie cake! 

Gwen was pretty happy for that part...
I adore getting to watch these two together!

Babs is off to see (surprise) her family for a few days, but she'll be back before she leaves.
Definitely the best birthday!!


  1. happy belated birthday...mine was on the 12th of august and came home to a big surprise party my husband and daughter and daughter in law had planned...great fun!


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