another lovely weekend in the books

It's Sunday evening and the babe is asleep, and I'm going to "call it" as another lovely weekend. One of those weekends where I felt like I did well as a mama. Lots of play, kept my cool, and we all had fun. Trav had a boys night out last night. We all headed to Ro & Pat's yesterday for lunch, after which he and Pat headed out to the city, and Ro & I took the girls to the pool. Gwen and I left around 5:30 or so, stopping on the way back to grab milk and some chicken for dinner. Girl didn't make it through half a drumstick before she was asking for bed! Trav was sleeping in the city, so I had a nice, quiet evening. The boys probably all thought they got the good end of the deal, but I think Ro and I were just as happy. I love my nights with Trav, I love my nights out with my girls, but there is something very rare and special about a night home alone (well, basically alone once Gwen hit the sheets).

I read and enjoyed the quiet, but was in bed early too. Gwen woke at her normal early time, but came back to bed with me and we slept in until 7:45! We read, did puzzles, went outside to go down the slide a few times, took a shower and got dressed, then ate some lunch before picking Trav and Pat up from the train station. We were only home for about 10 minutes before heading out (Gwen and I) to my Aunt and Uncle's place for my cousin's graduation/farewell party. We spent about 3 hours there, with Gwen running and playing and having a grand ole time. My Uncle had a box of noise makers that they have for New Years, and he pulled those out, much to the enjoyment of everyone under the age of... well no, really everyone! Home for dinner, and now she's asleep.

I'm going to head down now to read and relax with my boy, and probably head to bed early again... tomorrow starts a week I want to be well rested for!

Hope your weekends were great!

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