tasty tuesday and picking winners {updated}

Its a work from home Tuesday, and it is nice to get back into our routine. Part of that means cooking something yummy tonight. This week is a little different though since we have so much leftover food from the party, and last week. So its all about taking what we have and making it tasty. Last night I used up our leftover chicken to make shredding BBQ chicken sandwiches. Tonight I want to use up a bunch of cheese and lunch meat, so I'm chopping everything up and making a crustless quiche/frittata. Ham and turkey, cheddar and parmesan, roasted onions, and fresh rosemary. Mmm. I'm hungry already (and I'll update later with pictures).

Picture update:
It was damn good!!

I selected winners for my 30th birthday giveaway and sent out emails. Not everyone has replied yet... so check your emails!

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