back to school

Rough night for Gwen last night with lots of wakings (think its snuffly nose related)... hourly for most of the night, every 15 minutes for about an hour, then one blissful 2.5 hour stretch before it was time to start the day. My brain is foggy and I'm moving slowly in every way today. I even wore bright colors in the hopes of pepping myself up:

At least I look sort of cute... and the colors distract from the eye bags!

It didn't work... its almost noon and I've only really gotten one thing of substance done, so I'm taking a break. 

I just read a note on Lehigh's facebook page about how its time for the students to come back. Oh boy did that make me wistful.This time of year always does, but its even more concentrated this year. I want to go back to school with a fiery passion! I'm craving change, and growth, and a new adventure. I'm craving stuffy classrooms with hard chairs, and laying in the grass reading last minute items between classes. I want to get my family out the door in the morning, pull on a pair of jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt, and head out to learn. I want to eat lunch on the UC lawn while working on homework, then learn some more before heading home to make dinner for my family. Then more homework, I'm sure. Anyone want to pay my mortgage so I can go back to college?   ;-)


  1. umm, no :) but one thing that helps me a lot when I get to feeling like that is taking a book and blanket and reading at the local college campus. I love it - for an hour or two I'm worlds away from my "real" life and its just the break I need.

    ps - you look fabulous! did you take measurements before/after C25K? 'cause it looks like you've toned!! (Not that you were untoned before! GAH! You know what I mean, right? why is it so hard to compliment someone's looks??)

    1. That's actually a great idea E, I might have to do that to settle my jones a little!!

      And I do know what you mean. Lol. I didn't take before/after measurements and I wish I had! But thank you. I'm feeling good!

  2. My recurring lottery dream is to be able to pay all your expenses so you (and TJ?) can go back to school. I guess I should go buy a ticket...
    I know it isn't quite the same, but there are some high quality on-line degrees that might be more realistic. Still a lot of work though.


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