crazy week, start of the crazy fall season

From here on out, until the beginning of November, we have something every. single. weekend. Thankfully a lot of the things are only one day affairs, but there are also whole weekend events, so it is going to be a little crazy. We have football games, the Celtic Classic, trips to Vegas and Pittsburgh, a special night for our anniversary, and this weekend we're camping.

This week is the week between summer session and school year session at Gwen's school, and therefore it is closed! So, Monday and today Gwen and I are home together, Trav has Wednesday and Thursday, then we're all home Friday before headed out to camp. I can't wait! It will be Gwen and Daisy's first time. Right now the weather is looks nice, and I hope it stays that way. We checked the tent, the sleeping backs, and the lantern. We picked up a little camping set with a pot, a pan, and a percolator. All completely metal (no rubber handles to melt), so we can do all our cooking over the fire. We have s'more ingredients. Soon we'll be enjoying this for all its worth.


A 2-day work week bracketed by two 4-day weekends isn't so bad either!

Monday Gwen had a dentist appointment, her second, at a different doctor then the first. It went pretty well and she got a clean bill. The rest of the day was spent hanging out. A quick trip to the grocery store, followed by a long nap in the car (always happens!), then another shorter nap after we got inside. Gwen and I did this herb preservation method as a little afternoon project. We did mostly rosemary from our garden with some thyme.

Today was a trip to visit a friend, Barb, and her two girls in Delaware. Gwen had the best time running all over the place with Veronica. And another car nap followed. A successful day for sure.

Now, time to hit the sack and rest up for back to work tomorrow.

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