thunderstormy days and featured fridays.

Before we begin, I just had to share that I had a nice time answering some great questions from Leah (at Crunchy Farm Baby), and now I'm on her Featured Friday! Check it out here.


Today is dark, relatively cool (low 80s); its been raining periodically, sometimes torrentially. And I love it. I know I was just talking about enjoying the hot summer sun while its here, but I can't help myself, I really do love dark, thunderstormy days. They make my heart pitter-patter and my mind fill with mystery.

With a quiet day ahead of me (boss is away, nothing big needs to be done today) I'm actually hoping it will stay like this. Maybe I can treat myself over lunch to a bit of reading curled up under a blanket on the couch in my office. My favorite stormy day activity, reading while listening to the rolls of thunder upset the everyday drumbeat of life.

What jostles you in a good way? 

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  1. Enjoy your peaceful day! It is over 100 degrees here, so I would appreciate some cooler rain!


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