30 months (2.5 years)

Dear Gwenivere,

Today you are 2 and a half years old. You are vivacious, smart, silly, and fun. You are also trying, strong willed, and sometimes a bit whiny. What can I say, you are definitely a 2-year old working on that 3-year old attitude. But you are my 2-year old and I do love you so.

We've been working on some things these past few months my love, and its a testament to your adaptability how well they've been going. You've always been pretty good with please and thank you, but now we're working on cutting down the whine. You need to ask for things politely, and you've been doing it so well. We're also cutting down on "the parent switch," which used to be an occasional "no I want daddy to change my diaper," but has now become a stall tactic, wanting to switch back and forth multiple times. So now you get a choice of parent for an activity, you may change your mind once before we start, but that's it girl.

Another thing we're working on, or at least, Mama is trying to slowly change is nursing. Yup, we're still breastfeeding. And for the most part, its still great. But man would I love to keep the evening session, and wean from mornings. Back at the end of July we had a Monday were you slept from bedtime until I was in the shower, no early morning wake up to come to bed with us! Your dad did an awesome job of distracting you and keeping you happy until I got dressed, so we didn't nurse! That little dose let me know that we could do this, thought since then we haven't had so much luck. At least it gives me hope that you two will be okay when I head to Vegas in two months.

Vegas. Oh man, am I going to miss you! This will be the longest I've been away from you since you were born. I know you'll be fine, and I know I'll have fun, but I can't help be just a little nervous about it all. It will be hard to not get my bedtime snuggles. (My one fear when it comes to weaning... I don't want to lose my morning snuggles!!)

You are figuring out new things all the time. Recently you figured out that my name is Megan, and now you love to say, "Mommy... Megan!" to demonstrate your new knowledge. I love your curiosity (though sometimes I need to remind myself of that when you ask "why" for the 10th time!), and your glee at figuring out something new. I'm trying to encourage you more and more to keep at something until you get it. I'm always willing to help, but if I let you keep trying, more often then not you get it on your own.

Time continues to fly by at an alarming rate, and I'm trying to do my best to enjoy every last second that I get with you.

Love you always,

18 months/30 months


  1. She is adorable! Happy 2.5 years!!! Time does fly, doesn't it? I know it is in our house too! Have fun in Vegas, I'm sure you'll both be ok! :)

  2. She is a cutie pie! I love that you wrote this in letter form!

  3. I know I say this a lot, but your letters to Gwen are an amazing gift to her and me and everyone who reads them.


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