date night turned girls night.

This weekend was a little crazy, but some parts were quite enchanting. There was some camping prep for next weekend, some shopping, and a Sunday morning trip to the Pop Shop (love that place). Saturday I had an appointment for a trim, which unlike normal, I hit up alone (my parent's weren't around this weekend, so much easier for Trav to chill with Gwen). That night we were supposed to have a date night, but due to not one, not two, but three possible babysitters all having things pop up at the last minute (sickness, sudden change of plans, and a funeral), it ended up being a girls night (Ro and I), while Trav stayed home. I was bummed... it would have been really romantic, and it was the perfect setup with us not having to leave until after Gwen was in bed, but it was still such a great time with one of my best girls.

We headed to Longwood Garden's Light display. It was incredible, gorgeous.

Walking through the wooded path was like being surrounded by fairies...

The towers in the field had great music playing softly... it was like an enchanted tea party.

There were fountains...

Dragons to molest...

And a candle lit tree house.

More glowing orbs decorated a pond.

Flowering lights lit up a flower path....

And showers of light rained down in the mansion itself.

It was so gorgeous.

Ro and I really enjoyed ourselves.

Check it... colored denim! Whoa me. Its burnt orange and I love it so much that I had to put this picture in just to show it off!!! I also loved that it was cool enough for me to dress fall-like.

Here's a better illustration of how really beautiful it was (click to fully enjoy):

These amazing photos from: here, here, here, here, and here.

Of course, Longwood Gardens is amazing no matter when you go. The things they grow there are pretty fantastic:

But this was definitely a bit more magical then normal.

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