... back jack, do it again ...

So it's back to the daily grind as we all know and love it. Vacation was nice, with lots of celebration and fanfare, but now its time to return to your life. Already in Progress.

For me that means conference details to organize before the week is out (ahhhhh!!!!!), wedding planning (i can finally say this year!), a house to clean up (although the Christmas decorations are away as of yesterday), etc.

We watched a movie yesterday and lounged about, and it was nice.
I didn't sleep much last night, which was not so nice. I think I might break down and buy some OTC sleeping pills today. But maybe not, I might chicken out. Those things scare me more then not sleeping does.

So who's made their new years resolutions? I like thinking about the New Year as a chance for rejuvination and a fresh start of sorts, but resolutions just end up being broken and making you feel bad. I would rather just say that right now I am very content in most parts of my life, and as long as I am happy and content in more parts of my life then parts I'm feeling bad about... well thats pretty darn good, and I don't need to strive to some weird measure of perfection that isn't realistic.
Sure there are things I hope to accomplish in the new year... the completion of wedding planning without losing my mind in the process, getting myself in a bit better shape (so I feel better)... but I'm not hanging those things on a pass or fail resolution.

But I am nosey and do want to know about your resolutions!!

Okay, time to finish lunch.

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