impatience, not exactly a virtue.

Two big important things (that both involve about 37 smaller things) that both need to be done NOW for work. Pain in my ass.
All I really want is my dooce... but she is not updating. Where are you Heather?! Let the updating commence. No pressure to be funny, but I'm in the want it now kind of mood.

This morning was freezing and icy... and I was a bit snippy with Travis, which I feel very bad about (he's kind of sick). But I am not what one might call a bit morning person.

Honestly, I feel like I'm all over the place right now.
We have a lot of busy weekends ahead of us, but other then work, during the week it is very quiet around here. This weekend we have a hair appt. (well I have a hair appt.), Willy's birthday, and our engagement shots up at Lehigh. The following weekend is my brother's 16th birthday, and of course, the SuperBowl. After that we are meeting with the women at our reception site to take care of some details, and maybe arrange for the tasting... and we might (hopefully) be meeting with a DJ then too. We also have about 6 other birthdays coming up (not including the two biggies listed above) for close friends.
But during the week, we have quiet nights. We eat dinner at the dining room table, and talk. Then we maybe check our email or do some chores or something like that... then if one of our shows are on, we'll flip on the TV for a little... then we're in bed at 10. Doesn't make for much blog fodder, but it is exactly what I need to counteract the busy weekends and the stressful work days.

Anyway, that was a tangent in and of itself. So off I go, I really do have a ton to complete.

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