Happy 2006!!!!!

First, a great Meme from Twist of Kate...
Here it take the first sentence of the first post of each month...and you get a sort of year in review.

January: Wow, I can't believe it is 2005 already! I mean... it was just Halloween yesterday, wasn't it?

February: What's new, what's new? Well last week and the week before were the weeks of birthdays, 8 birthdays in 9 days.

March: So first off, let me just state for the record that I'm on the same page as Stella being a little disappointed in the "new and improved" easyjournal... although it is a little easier on the eyes, it isn't suddenly great.

April: Greeting, on this sunny and warm spring day.

May: So 90% of what I thought I was doing this weekend has changed in some way... but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

June: So I am happy to report that you all brought me to a new time high in visits to my little corner of the internet in May... numbers that had not been reached since March, and I am happy to think that it is because you all come here to watch my slow decay into insanity.

July: Welcome to my new blogger page!

August: I cannot believe that it is August already. This is ridiculous!

September: Three weeks to go until autumn is finally here... that excites me in ways that you don't even know.

October: Well it is now my favorite month of the whole year... and despite the fact that it is going to be EXTREMELY busy at work for the whole month, I'm going to try and enjoy it to the best of my ability.

November: It seems like blogger is as tired as I am today.

December: Once again it is time for... Half Naked Thursday!

So now I officially say, goodbye 2005...

Happy New Year!!!!

Can you believe that it's the new year. What does it hold for us? What's in store? No one can know until it gets here. Goodbye 2005, you were a pretty good year all in all. Lots of excitment, some disappointment... and now its over.
There is so much more to come, most of it as yet unknown. Here is your very own sneak peek preview of what we do know:

February: my baby brother turns 16! crazy...
March: Kim & Harry's wedding
April: Brian & Stacey's wedding
May: Travis' b-day, and two years at my job
July: Megan & Mike's wedding
August: My 24th...

Then, of course, it's OUR Wedding (October)!!!

Oh the things to come... Everyone enjoy your fresh start.
I'm getting married this year!

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