complaining... because its my blog and i can complain if i want to...

I just have to vent, and you just have to bear with me. After today, things should be better. Because no matter what, the conference will be in effect, and the planning itself will be over. For better or worse.

Things today that made me want to yell, stamp my feet, cry, or some combination of those three:
  1. 2 days ago we met to discuss what was yet to be done, boss said at that time that he would talk to guy A about his hotel needs. today i ask him for said information and he replies, "oh right... um, can you just ask him?" grrr. (he's not in office yet, so we agree i will try to "catch him" on the way in)
  2. yesterday we had completed one side of some packets that needed to be put together to hand out to participants. boss promised completion of items for second side this morning when he arrived (we have a committee meeting in the library today, which is also were we put together our packets, so they needed to be completed to get them out of the way for the meeting). instead he started on them this morning. grrrr.
  3. coworker insists on moving packets parts to an office so they are out of the way of the meeting (1 hour before meeting time)... office is too small, we have no real room to work, but still manage to finish in about 25 minutes (aka plenty of time to have moved completed packets before meeting, instead of having to work in the damn office!). grrr...
  4. just get done with packets, head back to my office to check emails and make a few phone calls for conference items... boss pokes head in. "did you talk to guy A?" um no, i was crammed in a too small office with 2 other people putting together packets, with stuff that you didn't have completed when you said you would have it completed, and couldn't see him come in. however, how nice of you to ask when you obviously say him come in, and probably even talked to him before coming to me. grrr.....
  5. i talk to guy A to vacillates between one night and two nights, "deciding" on one, then "deciding" on another, for about 10 minutes with me standing there before finally making a real decision. i let my boss know what he decided. "oh, yea, that's what i was going to tell you to do anyway" grrrr......
  6. get emails from coworkers telling me what i need to do with some information, when we do not have said information, and they are the ones that are getting me said information! I know what i need to do, do your part, and then we will talk. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, I know I probably sound like a whiny baby with my comedy of errors list (hey, i never got to use my number feature before!)... but I just needed to vent.

At least monday I get to go on a tour of philly with the chinese and japanese delegation... I've never been on a tour here. It is my grand reward, and I deserve it! :-)

Okay, I feel better now. Have a nice weekend.

ps. I should mention that dispite todays tribulations, I heart every single one of my coworkers (well, almost every single one). They are wonderful, and normally very good to me. This is just a trial for us all, but this is not their blog, so they do not get equal say or a side. This is all about my side.

So for now, they all suck... even though I love them.

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  1. People suck. Work sucks. Lethal combo. What to do? Quit and blog all day.
    Thanks for linking me. I appreciate it.


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