here we go... da, da-da-da-da... pittsburghs going to the superbowl...

Friday was long... good, but long. All day at the Union League working our conference... and I was even in early (due to Travis having to drop me at the train station, and due to him deciding that it needed to be done at 7:15 in the am). But the conference stuff went smoothly, and all was well, and after a quick train ride to Willy's house we headed off to Seven Springs with Willy and Barb for the weekend.
The drive went pretty quickly. We only stopped once and got there in about 4 hours. Not too shabby. It was great getting to see so much family(-in-law) and family friends(-in-law?). I love the condo up there, its so cozy and we're so comfortable there... and we had a lot of fun. We were up late, and slept in some too. We ate so much good food, including homemade eggrolls. Saturday night we went to the lodge and did some of this:

Then some of this:

And oh yea, some of this:

It was great, although after the weekend I was a tired girl!

Sunday we started off the morning in the hot tub, then relaxed and watched the game. Travis and I snuck away for a little before the game started to grab some lunch at the lodge, which was really nice. Love family, but sometimes you need a little quiet! Then it was game time, and in that household it is all about the Steelers!!! I was routing for them too... being that my Eagles (where my real and everlasting devotion lies) are long out, it will be awesome to have PA represented in the SuperBowl. That plus the fact that I LOVE Troy Polamalu!!

That hair, that energy... he is just awesome!
And he was no slacker yesterday!

Of course, everyone was pumped up after the game... and we used those high spirits to carry us through our ride back home. Travis and I took Barb and Willy home, then headed off to our own humble abode where we opened, played with Henry, and quickly got to sleep.

Now it is back to work, but work should also be back to normal now. Our events planner is here and we have a bit of a brake before anymore conferences... SO, hopefully I can catch up on my other work and have a bit more relaxing time at it.

Okay, away I go.

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