When I was in middle school and high school, I really thought that I could change the world. I signed petitions, I talked about morality and equality, I drempt about adoption of kids, pets, and wild animals alike.

Yesterday, in the train station, I avoided someone who was talking to people about a petition. Not looking for money, not looking for volunteering time, just looking for 30 seconds to sign a petition.
And I avoided them.

I wonder about growing up in general, and now about being in the city. Am I becoming indifferent? Calloused? Jaded?

I no longer feel like I can completely change my own world, let alone the big wide whole. I still feel strongly about many of the same things, but now I also feel like fighting, for the most part, is just not worth it. They are either going to be no where near their signature goal, or they are going to meet it... my one name is not going to make the difference.

In my head I know differently, but in my heart I'm tired. And I am too young to be tired.

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