more drugs, more more more drugs.

Last night I took two sleeping pills, the recommended dose, of a sleep aid that picked up a few days ago. It said, take at bedtime, so I assume they are supposed to kick in after the normal amount of time... maybe 15-20minutes. So I took as I was running through my evening ritual... brushing teeth, taking the pill, peeing, etc.
At the conclusion of said ritual, I was very excited, and eagerly jumped into bed to await the promised sleep. I closed my eyes happily, and slowed my breathing (a technique i use to try and make myself fall asleep everynight, with little result), and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

An hour later, i was still waiting for the blessed sleep.
Sure I felt a little loopier (woo woo!), but otherwise, nada. Not one iota drowsier then before I took the stupid blue pills.

This morning, I felt about normal when getting up. Not anymore groggy then normal, as one might expect when ingesting sleeping medication and, you know, not sleeping (side note: well, i did sleep, but no more or sooner or deeper then normal, but you get my drift). Apparently my insomnia laden body eats blue pills for breakfast. Ha! Take that blue pill! You have no power over me!


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  1. I only know of one "little blue pill" and I'm pretty sure it does not cure insomnia.


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