Tourist for a day...

It was fun to play a tourist for the day. To do a tour, and really look at the things that because of living here it is easy to overlook. We all had a great time (me and the real tourists). All of the delegations members were wonderful. Polite and eager.
I have some pictures for your viewing pleasure... (that's right, take note, I took pictures and uploaded them ON THE SAME DAY!).

First the Liberty Bell... you can see Independence Hall through the window behind it.

And me with the Liberty Bell...

Here is the Christ Church... its old and lovely.

Here's Washington's Pew in Christ Church... I sat my ass where Georgie did!

And here is the gorgeous Philadelphia skyline from in front of the Art Museum.

The show at the Constitution Center is wonderful and well worth seeing. And honestly, who could think of a better way to spend a Monday! It was great. Today things are pretty much back to normal... normal work stuff, normal schedule. That is fine with me, last week was enough stress to last a while.

Okay, back to... ciao.


  1. liberty seems to be somehow fractured those days...
    BTW, what's the status of the bell that's outisde Union Station in Washington, D.C.? Is that a copy?

  2. Yup, its a replica:



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