Our schedules have been all out of wack this weekend. Normally our bedtime is 10ish... even on the weekends we tend to head to bed not too long after that (unless we are out or something special), but Friday night we were up until after 1... for no reason at all. The surprise of all surprises, while I did wake up around 7:30 like normal, I was able to fall back asleep until 10:45!!! That is an eternity. I can't remember sleeping in that long for ages. And Travis slept until almost 1!!! Last night was the same thing, up real late... but things were back to normal for me this morning and I was awake for good around 7:30.

I'm in a great mood though. This weekend has been pretty nice and relaxing. Yesterday, when we finally got up we headed out to see Willy, helped him out with some food stuff, then headed to Borders to use the gift card we got from my brother for Christmas. After that we headed out to the mall so I could try and find some jeans. My current pair (my perfect, fits like a glove, super comfy, make me feel sexy jeans...) are just getting too worn out. I'll still wear them and home and out on the weekends until they literally fall apart, but they are too worn out for casual fridays at work now, or for other casual (but not too casual) times. Unfortunately, no jeans were found. Five stores (Strawbridges, Gap, Express, NY&Co., and one other that I can't remember the name of), about 20 pairs of jeans, and not one fit me. Not One.
It's a little hard on a girls self esteem. All jeans are too big in my waist, but too small in my butt and thighs. It's hard having a tiny waist, and a HUGE caboose. :-( I love my curves, but they are a b*tch to dress. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!

Today we are lounging about some more... will run out later for a bit to pick some stuff up, but otherwise it is all about relaxing. Just what I needed after this past week. But that stuff is basically over now. The conference participants are getting in tonight and tomorrow, there is an all day tour of Philly tomorrow for the foreign delegates (which I get to attend!), then the actual conference stuff from tomorrow evening until wednesday morning. I'm pretty excited for the tour... I've never seen a lot of the tourist stuff in Philly (even the liberty bell or constitution center).

I also found a beautiful barrette and veil on ebay, which I won and am bidding on respectively, and makes me very happy in the wedding department.

Okay, off I go... but here are some pictures I snapped of Trav and I a bit after midnight on New Years Eve (well, then it was New Years Day)... we were drunk and happy!

This one is so cute because he was brushing the hair out of my face.
This one is just cute!


  1. I hope the constitution center is cool. I never went when I lived in Phila. I regrett it now.

  2. Nice Profile Pic...I'm a sucker for the librarian look. (see Donna Reed as "wallflower Mary" in "It's a Wonderful Life" during the "when George had never been born" motif)


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