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Last night Travis went to bed around 8ish... obviously he was still feeling not quite up to snuff, and I was left to entertain myself for the last two hours before bedtime. There was no way I could go to bed that early because I would just be laying there, staring at the ceiling, like a DeathRow Inmate at T-minus 1 damn night.
But that is something else completely.

I entertained myself on the computer for a while, picking out what will be the first of many many bridal shower gifts that I buy this year. This one happens to be for a friend getting married in May. Then it was time to head downstairs and watch one of my favorite shows... House. We LOVE House... with his sharp British wit, and his American accent, and his i don't care but secretly I do attitude... well, honestly what is not to love about this shows quirky main character. Just the fact that I can describe him as quirky is good enough for me... because believe me, I know quirky, and well, I like quirky.
But lo, there was no House to be found due to the PHENOMENON that is American Ideal (or, at least, that is what the TV tells me... and the TV is to be believed always). I was a tad bit disappointed until I remember the fun to be had watching teenagers making asses of themselves on camera. Obviously something was not right about these individuals... because if there is one thing that my parents taught me it is: if you are going to make an ass of yourself make sure it is not on camera.

Now maybe you are all reading this wondering what the punchline will be... because I just realized that I set this all up like a story that was Going Somwhere. But in fact it isn't because it pretty much ends with me going to bed at my normal time.
But this story does have a BIG SCARY THUNDERSTORM!!!!!!!! (By the way, I Love thunderstorms.) But, in fact, thats about all there is to the story anyway... um, after the show, I went to bed, and there was a BIG SCARY THUNDERSTORM. Then I went to sleep. But the Thunderstorm was big... and bright, blinding me even with the shades completely closed.

But moving on. A great big thanks to Twist of Kate where the got the loverly Top Ten below. I hope to see some triva about you as well...

Ten Top Trivia Tips about ANewDay!

  1. Olympic badminton rules say that ANewDay must have exactly fourteen feathers.
  2. ANewDayomancy is the art of telling the future with ANewDay.
  3. The pupil of an octopus's eye is shaped like ANewDay!
  4. In the 1600s, tobacco was frequently prescribed to treat headaches, bad breath and ANewDay.
  5. The number one cause of blindness in the United States is ANewDay.
  6. Britain's Millennium Dome is more than double the size of ANewDay!
  7. ANewDay can squeeze her entire body through a hole the size of her beak.
  8. Ostriches stick their heads in ANewDay not to hide but to look for water.
  9. The Australian billygoat plum contains a hundred times more Vitamin C than ANewDay!
  10. California is the biggest exporter of ANewDay in the world!
I am interested in - do tell me about

So anyway, on that note... well, actually, on this next note... I will leave you.

I just realized (son of a b*tch), that I left my grandfathers birthday card at home. grr.

Okay, that's all. Ciao!

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  1. Hi. I have not commented in while. I keep looking at you pictures to see if I recognize anyone.


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