as usual...

... there is so much drama.

:-) What can you do? Well, Travis and I, we go to bed at 9:30... that's what we do about drama. I'm still so tired. My crazy dreams don't help. I always end up waking up once or twice in the night wondering who slipped the crack in my pudding. C'est la vie.

Speaking of pudding: I can't stop eating today. I had a veggie burger, a microwave meal, a chocolate pudding, and am working on my second bottle of water. At least its not all junk.

Okay, back to work. Sorry for the non-entry, but I'm a busy girl. ;-) Or something like that.

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  1. Hey hun,
    I changed my blog location because I was worried about my last name included in the address. The new address is Love ya.


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