for your viewing pleasure....

First, keep in mind that I took all of these with my camera (which is obviously much better at taking stills then videos). Plus I took them in very dark rooms with screaming children. I think they came out okay, but they are grainy and a bit dark. If you can deal with that, watch and enjoy!!

Yuilu... being cute and playing with Travis' glove.

At the TN Aquarium:


Blinking Jellyfish

Glowing Jellyfish

And my personal favorite, Sharks and a Sea Turtle.

There you have it! My videos. :-)

So, will someone else please plan my honeymoon? Please?! I'm really not enjoying the planning part. The going part will be fine, but I just can't seem to do this planning. Ugh. Honestly, if someone would like to plan my honeymoon for a wedding present... that would be awesome.

Lunch time!

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  1. meg - for your honeymoon, call a travel agent! you dont have to pay them! we went to liberty travel, they took care of everything.


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