pardon me boy, is that the chattanooga choo choo?

Having trouble concentrating today... probably due to my horrid lack of sleep last night. We I finally decided to get out of bed at 2 in the morning to make myself some warm milk, I knew it was bad.
Anyway, bad for me, but good for you! I actually downloaded pictures and since I can't concentrate on work, I'll have the chance to post!

Let's get started... as normal, I've gone back and added pictures to their relavent entries... just because you are already going to get bombarded with pictures of TN in this entry, and it would be huge! So... here for Marti Gras & Yuilu, here for my creative candlemaking, and here for more of any and all of the above, etc etc.

Okay, so Tennessee. Where to even begin?! How could I not love it there... it was warm and beautiful, and the city is so clean. The sidewalks are so neat and tidy, and people say "ya'll"!!! Plus, when they answer the phone they say "yello" instead of hello, and it is just so cute.

Um, and did I say clean?!

I stayed at the Choo-Choo... which was an old trainstation way back when, and they use real traincars as rooms!

Plus they have spring there... complete with blossoms on the trees and all...

Thursday I headed out to dinner with a mission to fullfill a craving for Pulled Pork, which is not called Pulled Pork in the south apparently (I determined this by getting MANY strange looks), but just BBQ. All was well though because the locate BBQ place, Sticky Fingers, had great Pulled Pork!!

Friday I slept in a bit and then headed to the Aquarium...

It was great! I wandered around both sides, and that took up the rest of my morning.

Saturday and Sunday was work of course, but it was nice with Miyano & Hiro & Yuilu. Between the rest of Friday and the evening on Saturday I managed to take a walk around Coolidge Park, give myself two blisters, see the Deep Sea movie in the IMAX theature (with 3D glasses and all), see Chattababy and Barry (and Nana & Gpa) for dinner at the Southern Star, and do some general walking about. It was a great weekend.

Riding the prop plane back to Charlotte, NC wasn't as fun... and the delay in our flight from Charlotte to Philly was a little crappy too... but otherwise it was a great weekend!

It's always great to be home though. Especiallly to see Trav.

Okay, well its lunch time so I better eat something! Ciao!

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  1. Oh, it makes me so homesick. My first job was in the building on the left, in the top picture. I'm glad that you got to see everyone and everything!!


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