spring Spring SprinG SpRiNg SPRING !!!!!!!!!!

Yay for Spring! It's so gorgeous out, in the high 60s, and its actually supposed to stay like this. Hallelujah! Maybe i can start getting out to walk in the afternoons again, and take some more loverly Philly pictures. Today has been good. First off I got a GREAT night sleep last night (weird dreams with snakes and lost shoes and half marathons, but still great), and for the first time this week, did not wake up between 3 and 4 in the morning. Thank god! Then it is gorgeous out, and I got to meet with Apoc for lunch today. Which, I might add, his work paid for. All the better.

Last night was great. Hiro was surprised and very happy when we all showed up for a birthday party for him. There was great food, and music, and fun people. We had a blast. Plus there were four adorable kids there... it was better then watching TV. They had a big blue bouncy ball (that was almost as big as them) which they took turns running around with. It was like the 3 stooges or something... they would bounce off furniture, off of each other... and they just thought it was the biggest laugh riot. Of course, we did too.
And then there was the champagne! And the cake! And did I mention the champagne!

Now I also have two free nights! In a row! Ro & Pat had to cancel tonight (boo!) because of Pat's huge workload which has to be taken care of before they leave for Cabo, and the second family I'm meeting re: babysitting had to reschedule for Sunday late morning/early afternoon (yay!).

Okay, back to the grind...

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