not enough brain waves to go around...

As Bill mentioned, I think that this week has shown an incredible shortage of blogability. I have very little to say. But today at least I have found two things that I feel I need to point out to you...

First, All That Is Wrong With This World.
Eww. Words cannot describe the disservice I believe this is doing to mothers everywhere, the perception of birth, and in fact, all of humanity.

But this, THIS, is all that is right with the world.
Thee cutest voice and pronounciation ever. If they could bottle that, I would buy it en masse.

So anyway, while I was not able to provide you with my personal brand of sustinance, at least I was able to point you in not one, not two, but three different directions!

Anyway, I am so damn glad its friday. We are heading to Brian & Stacey's tonight... their last party before the wedding! Tomorrow I (blah) have to get up early to head north for a hair cut. I think I might actually have her give me a hairstyle. It's a little scary... I've been telling her to "just trim the bottom" for so long, just adding a few long layers will be scary for me. But I think it is time for the change. Then I'll get to see my parents and hopefully the Malnights, though I keep forgetting to call them! Sunday I have an eye appt so I can get a new prescription and hopefully stop having headaches and actually be able to see clearly again. Yay!

That's all for us really. A pretty lazy weekend. Ro & Pat will be away at Pat's parent's, and then are leaving next weekend for Cabo. So hopefully we will get to see them sometime in between. Also hopefully they will not bring Travis anymore Tequila!

OH! Good news, I think the florist search is over. Reasonably priced, highly recommended, easy to work with. Yay!

Okay, back to the grind. Well actually, I'm going to read the newspaper and look up a particular spa (possible honeymoon location), but then back to work!


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