need to stop smoking that crack...

Ahh, friday. That is a nice feeling. In my office, back next to my window. I no longer have to worry about people popping up behind me (which I just find disconcerning), and that is a great feeling. Today is nice, freezing, but nice. I was tired this morning, no surprise, but my carmel apple cider woke me up. Travis gave me one of his gift cards ($25 Amex card) and I have already spent $14.83 of it on Starbucks. Normally I'm a Dunkin Donuts girl, but they do not take Amex. $10.17 to go... but I have vowed NOT to spend that at Seattle's heathen spawn.

I've needed it for the past few days though... okay sleep, but the weirdest dreams and I wake up like I am trying to swim through a rip-tide. Slowly, sluggishly.Two nights ago I drempt that it was wedding day and I realized I hadn't finished half the stuff I was supposed to. I was frantically calling vendors and people and running around in my wedding dress. I finally get to the wedding site with about 1 minute to spare and they are all lined up and were just going to go on without me! Travis was at the back of the line were I would normally be, and so I had to duck into a side room so he wouldn't see me. I realize that my dress has a tear in the train, and that I can't find any bouquet to carry. In fact, I notice the decorations are all wrong, set up for a spring wedding with tulips and such. They all processed down the aisle, so I had to run in to get there before we could start. It was taking place in a stone courtyard, and there was a giant fountain between the guests and where Travis and I were standing. The dream ended just after this with me just feeling so helpless.

Last night falling asleep was a chore... I couldn't keep my eyes open, but I felt so jumpy and shakey... like I had downed an expresso and a vicodin at the same time. I really felt like I was on drugs. It was a bit disturbing.When I finally did get to sleep, I dreampt that I was driving around with friends in my hometown. Travis was there and one or two guys from Lehigh and some high school friends. We were in a big van and drove to a big Walmart-type store. I grab a store announcement and see that Cassie, a high school friend, had been hired as their pharmacist. I became so overwhelmed. I was jealous and sad about my job, and was feeling like I was in such a bad place. I headed to my parents and was standing in my old room (now their room). On their nightstand was a big plastic container of water, full of goldfish. I was trying to decide what I wanted to do with my life, pacing around the room. I walked to the opposite side of the room and turned on a giant fan. I felt something wet hit the back of my neck and realized that some of the goldfish had come flighing out of the container when I turned on the fan. I frantically ran around the room scooping up the fish with a small net and putting them back into the container. When I got to the last fish, I realized that the container had changed into a paperbag and that the net was now a plastic baggie. I turned the plastic baggie (which was now full of water, as well as the last fish) over into the paperbag dumping the fish and the water. I left in covering the top of the paperbag, but immediately started to panic. I knew if I removed the plastic baggie, the paper bag would be too weak to support the water and fish and would collapse... but if I didn't remove the plastic baggie, the fish would die. That's when I woke up...

Anyway, this weekend will be very busy, but it should be a great deal of fun. Tonight... nothing! And that is glorious. :-) Tommorrow I have my second bridal shower of the season to attend, then we are heading up to my parent's house for my mom's second annual Marti Gras party. There will be shrimp and gumbo and jambalaya, etc. etc. etc. Travis and I are bringing the shrimp this year, and maybe crab too... no drinks this time!! We'll spend the night and return Sunday morning. That afternoon I have another appointment with a florist, then I'll pick up Yuilu from Miyano's house.

I get to watch the baby all afternoon and I'm very excited for it! Miyano and Hiro will pick him up when Hiro gets off of work. At that point I'm sure I'll be exhausted, but it will all be worth it!

Okay, back to work.... Ciao!

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