HAPPY SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm pretty tired today. The weekend was good but exhausting. For the life of me I can't remember what we did Saturday morning, but I feel like we did something. OHHH, we met up with Ro & Pat to check our their house-to-be, while they were finishing up the inspection. It is a great house! It will be perfect for them, and I look forward to spending lots of time in it.

Travis and I also had a really stupid fight over domestic stuff. Oven mitts and towels to be specific. Lol, we had to laugh at ourselves over that one later.

Saturday night, Ro & Pat came over for dinner, then we all headed over to Bri & Stacey's place. We hit up the Bachelor/ette parties and all had a great time. The girls went to two bars, McFaddens and Tiki Bob's. There was dancing and drinking and Stacey had a blast, which was the important part. Only about 2 and a half weeks until Bri & Stacey tie the knot! Anyway, Travis didn't really drink so that he could drive us home. We didn't get back home until 3... and asleep until about 330. Of course then we wake up at 815- 830ish in the morning! Yipes.

Sunday we hit up the diner with Ro & Pat, then headed our seperate ways. Ro & Pat home (Pat needed his nap!), Trav & I first to Trader Joe's, then BJ's for some foods. We were both worn out, but didn't nap. Trav did about 30 loads of laundry. We watched Crash for the fist time. It was good, we enjoyed it and I got what the director was going for, but a lot of it was just too coincidental for us. At the same time I liked how he tied all the stories together. I guess you can't really have it both ways! Oh well, we did enjoy it, so...

Overall it was a great weekend.

That night Trav dropped me off at the train station so I could ride into the city. Yesterday work had an all day conference at UPenn Law school, and I had to be there nice and early, so they put me up for the night. I fell asleep around 1030ish, only to have my dad wake me up with a phone call at 615! So no catching up on sleep there. Oh well. It didn't really hit me too much yesterday. The day was uneventful, the food was great... Miyano and I got out a little early. She treated me to some Bubble Tea which was interesting and pretty good. For dinner Trav grilled up some sausages, hot dogs, and hamburgers... which smelled great! Then we headed out to Rita's to get our free Italian Ice. Which despite the FREEZING cold, was the perfect treat... and a great way to welcome spring.

Now it feels kind of good to be back in the office. Right now I've gotten completely caught up, so its not stressful, and as long as I get things done as they come too me I don't get behind. And that is better then having to stress about all the little details of a conference. Plus, despite being tired, I'm feeling really good today. Like certain things are the way they should be. That is a good feeling.

Okay, back to work. Ciao.

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