the homebody in me is shaking in her shoes...

I have something every night this week. Last night was the glasses, tonight and friday I'm meeting with families about babysitting (to make a little extra wedding money), tomorrow night is a birthday party, and thursday we are heading to Ro & Pat's for dinner (before they head off to Cabo). Plus Thursday lunch I'll be meeting with Apoc, whom I haven't gotten to hang out with for ages. For a homebody like me, who normally doesn't venture out during the week (except for the occational trip to the grocery store) this is craziness! And this weekend is busy too, so no real chance to recover there. Saturday is our taste-testing at our reception site (with my parents), and Sunday I'm heading up to meet with my girls for a late lunch - which is a very long time coming. Thankfully next week currently is looking pretty tame, and the weekend should be nice with Brian & Stacey's wedding to attend!

Anyway, I just ate way too many cookies and am feeling a bit hyper. I have a new obsession too... Farm Hustle by Thalia and Ari is like bejeweled, but 20x better. While you are there you should check out the rest of the farm.

Okay, I have to get back to work (which is also busy right now)...

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