lucky bamboo trouble

I repotted my lucky bamboo (which I keep on my window sill at work) this morning. Now my office smells like crap. Not just it smells bad, no, it literally smells like feces!! Since the bamboo is potted in small stones (which the roots curl around) and not soil, a bit of mold developed on the bottom of the pot. Very pugnent mold! Ugh.

I'm looking forward to my weekend. We'll get to see Ro & Pat's house-to-be... and hit up the bachelor/ette parties. Good stuff. Mostly I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow and Sunday. I need some good sleep.

Travis kicked some ass and finally got some answers regarding some airline tickets I had won in a drawing. Apparently there was a mix up and they "forgot" to contact me. But we'll be getting them now. Maybe we'll be having a honeymoon in the US (most likely continental) afterall. Suggestions for warm places to stay in October? Where to go in CA, AZ, FL, etc... let me know! Although maybe we can use those to fly to FL for a cruise?! That's an idea.

Okay, back to work.


  1. oooh...a cruise sounds like fun! Have you been on one before? Casey hasn't, and I want to on one so badly with him! They are a blast! But I would be careful about the Carribean and Florida locations in October because of Hurricanes. Maybe the Poconos would be fun? Stay in your own backyard!

  2. San Francisco. There really is a lot to do and see.


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