busy week

It's been a busy week, but with good stuff too. Today was the last day for two of my favorite interns from the summer. One was my intern, and I took her to lunch at Max Brenner... which was AMAZING. So good, so fun. I would eat there again for sure. I had this delish garlicy pasta... then we shared a s'mores plate. Mmm.
The second intern was for the person whose office is attached to mine... so we talked a lot and got to know each other while he was here. So that coworker, Tally, Tally's husband Sam, and I all took him out for a drink after work. It really made the day fly by, especially since I was busy for the rest of the time.

So glad tomorrow is Friday... I have off Monday (as does Trav), so I'm really looking forward to my three day weekend. Trav actually has a four day weekend, since he has tomorrow off as well... but its not all roses since he had to take those days off because of a new policy at his company. For the time, all employees must take a mandatory two furlough days a month. Aka: two mandatory days off without pay. Hopefully business will pick up soon and that will end... but its still a little tough, though we are just thankful that he is still gainfully employed.

On a lighter note, tomorrow (night) we will be getting ready for our weekend... my cousin is getting married in DC on Saturday. So we'll be down there Saturday night. I can't wait! I think I enjoy DC more every time I go, and I can't wait to see all kinds of family.

Now I'm going to run to be with my hubby and pup. Enjoy your night have have a great rest of the week.

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