day in the life - first tri edition

6:00 a.m. - wake up and wish I had taken my shower last night so I could sleep for 50 more minutes. head into the bathroom to pee and blow my nose 20 times.
head downstairs and pour myself some milk, try to decide what I feel like eating. get hit with a wave of nausea and dash back upstairs. deep breathe my way through this wave and blow my nose again. head back downstairs to microwave some chicken noodle soup.
watch the weather channels "local on the 8s" and slowly eat some soup. head back upstairs to get into the shower. shower as quickly as possible, pausing occasionally to lean against the shower wall until a wave of nausea or dizziness passes. get out and towel off, use the toilet again and deep breathe some more.
get dressed making sure that my tank top covers the top of my maternity jeans... the only pair of jeans that don't cut painfully into my bloated tummy, or press too hard and make me feel more nauseous.
hit the bathroom one last time to pee again, and do a quick teeth brushing. not too bad this morning... only gagged once!
Trav is home today on one of his furlough days, so I don't have to worry about the pup. grab my stuff and head out to the train.

8:14 - on the train heading into center city. alternate between reading and relaxing, so I don't get motion sick. head to the bathroom as soon as i get into my station in the city... don't think i could make it into work.
its really nice out this morning, cool and the humidity has broken... makes for a nice walk. stop into rite.aid for a can of chicken noodle soup, and into star.bucks for a grande 6 pump peppermint, nonfat, with whip hot chocolate.

9:00 - start my day by checking my work email. the boss is out, but the three emails of instructions he sent show me this is not going to be a throw away day.
pause for a few to check my own email and some blogs. eat some baked potato chips.
start on today's tasks.

9:30 - feel full... eat rest of potato chips anyway.
continue working.

9:45 - regret potato chips.

10:00 - Trav calls, he's running errands today and knows I needed conditioner. spend 10 minutes trying to describe which conditioner I need... mission successful.
back to work.

11:45 - stomach getting empty and growl-ie. impressed I made it so far before eating before remembering "the chips". oh well.

noon - heat some soup. coworker comments that I'm going to "turn into soup."
follow that up with a chocolate square from max brenner... chocolate ganache with mint leaves. amazing.

EDITED TO ADD: Come back to post the next day because baby brain made you forget what you were doing half-way through your day!

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