i'm bringing back the 80s!

So I had a doc appt on Tuesday... a normal 12week appointment, where we FINALLY got to actually hear the heartbeat. We'd seen it on our ultrasounds, but never heard it before, so that was really nice.

BP is good, all my blood work from my first appointment was good, everything else was on track, but I lost 3 lbs which my midwife wasn't too happy about. So I go back in 2 weeks for a weight check to make sure I'm not losing more (at which point I would go on an anti-nausea med). In the meantime, I've purchased some Ensure to drink when eating isn't going to happen, picked up some Sea Bands to see if they help ease the nausea, switched temporarily from my prenatals to Flinstones (which are made for kid tummies and much easier to digest... plus have pretty much everything you need anyway), and have been trying to shower at night so I can get a little extra sleep in the morning, which always helps.

This morning was so much better than yesterday's... which was a Bad Morning... so we'll keep this up. The only downside is that the Sea Bands make me feel a bit like this:

Break out the leg warmers people... I'm bringing back the 80s.
But since I'm already 12 weeks, hopefully the morning sickness will be taking its leave soon.

This weekend is my birthday and we're playing it pretty low-key. My hoser, Lauren, and her fiance, Joe are coming into town... and we're going to go out to dinner with them and Ro & Pat. Should be really nice, I haven't seen hoser since her law school graduation party. 27 feels like a good age to be, so I'm feeling content/happy about this birthday.
Although if you know me, you probably know that I always love my birthday. :-)

Back to work for me...

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