Oh Mondays... I'm not a fan. But it was such a great weekend, that I can continue to roll with that. My parent's visit was great. For my birthday my mom made me a blueberry crumble, which is just so good, and my dad ordered me a whole mess of books I'd been wanting. All of the books in the Mary Russell series that I hadn't yet read, including the new one I didn't even know was out... plus's new book, and The Road by Cormac something-er-0ther. :-) Its supposed to be really good. I'm looking forward to them all. They also got us a cute baby's first three years scrap/memory book.

In addition to birthday stuff, my mom brought down the curtains she had been making for us for our guest bedroom. They turned out so great!! And they look even better then I had imagined they would. What an improvement too, over the sheets we had hanging over the windows to block light for a few overnight guests we've had! Lol. I meant to take pictures, but ended up forgetting... so hopefully I can remember that tonight, because they really look great and I want to show off my mom's work.

I'm also going to try to remember to take a picture of the adorable baby sweater my mom brought down for us. My brother and I had both worn it as babes, and now our will one will get to wear it too. So sweet.

Their visit itself was really nice too. Relaxing and fun. We just talked and grilled some sausages, they helped hang the curtains, and we watched some football. All in all, a really great lazy Saturday.

Sunday Ro & I went walking... which felt great! It was a little humid, but not too hot, and we actually did the whole 5 miles. I didn't know how I would feel, since my sickiness has kept me pretty couch-potato-like for many weeks, but it felt great to move and exercise and get my blood flowing. I definitely want to start doing more, since I had always planned to keep active during my whole pregnancy, and now the morning sickness is finally getting a little better.

As for today... well its this perfect little taste of fall! A high of around 70*, brisk and lovely. I'm enjoying every second of it. The whole week is supposed to be pretty cool, although its supposed to slowly work its way back up to 80s by this weekend, but I'm definitely going to enjoy this break while its here, and let it carry me through to when fall really arrives!

Well, I have get to work... so much to accomplish. But more tomorrow (SEPTEMBER!!), and hopefully with pictures.

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