we're really having a baby!

I had a rather eventful afternoon yesterday! I had some spotting (my third time), so the midwife wanted me to come in for a mini dose of RoGham. I got that and she did a quick internal, which looked normal. My ute felt the appropriate size and since I was 11 weeks she pulled out the doppler. She couldn't find the heartbeat... which honestly, at 11 weeks, doesn't mean anything. That's kind of the line for when you can definitely hear it. Of course, that doesn't mean my heart didn't jump into my throat.

She wanted to offer me some reassurance, so she pulled out this portable ultrasound machine... which they don't normally do, but she really wanted to check things out. So she put the probe on, and there was our baby. Looking like a real baby! Not just a blob! We could see the heartbeat flickering away... but the baby was just laying there. We must have sat there for almost 10 minutes waiting for that baby to move, her poking and prodding a bit with the ultrasound wand, when the baby JUMPED and started squirming all over the place! Our little gummy baby must have been sleeping and was pretty pissed off to be woken up!

It was thee coolest thing, and I'm so sorry that Trav missed it. But I'm also even more excited for our ultrasound on Monday now! Which will be on a better machine, with the sound up, and an actual ultrasound tech who can point things out. But hey, we're really having a baby!!

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