sick of feeling sick

We'll start with the disclaimer that I would be sick every day until the end of this pregnancy, if it meant a healthy baby at the end. But putting that aside, I'm really hoping that's not what it takes because frankly, I'm so sick of being sick.

This morning was a Not Good morning. I won't say it was a Very Bad morning, because I only actually got sick once... but it was definitely Not Good. And after four or so Good days in a row, Not Good felt extra horrid. This morning I had to fight off the urge to grab every pregnant woman I saw and demand that she tells me "it gets better." I know it will, but damn if that isn't hard to see right now.

Now I feel bad though since I know there are so many ladies out there who would do anything to be pregnant, or who suffered losses and would do anything to have their babies back. I am so greatful for this pregnancy... and like I said, I would deal with this for all 9 months if I had to... so I hope my rant didn't bother anyone. Its just hard to feel sick all the time.

Anyway, I'm done with the complaining now!! Sorry about that!

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  1. i never had morning sickness, but in the beginning i would get queezy if i didn't eat. pretzels and sprite (regular, not diet) always helped. hang in there!


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