one day i'll learn to hold a train of thought for more then two seconds (updated)

This is sad: Ted Kennedy dead at 77... he had his personal demons and problems, but he was a champion for a lot of causes that are very important to me, and a fixture in New England/American politics. (Update: A happier look at his final days.)

This is even sadder: Annaleigh's passing and memorial. 8 weeks is not long enough, and everything about that post made my heart ache. But what a blessing to have had the time with her that they did.

On a happier note: I talked to my brother Tuesday night for over an hour, which was really nice. He's doing good in DC... still adjusting and feeling a little overwhelmed, but doing good and enjoying the new experiences. He's already meeting people, and he likes his classes so far. I'm so excited for him, so happy he gets to experience this new stuff... and I look forward to many more conversations where I get to come along for the journey.

Also family related, my parents are coming down for a visit this weekend since they didn't get to see me for my birthday. I'm looking forward to come yummy berry crumble from my mommy, and some relaxing family time.

Anyway, this is haphazard and not cohesive, but its about all i have for you at the moment! Work is so busy and I feel like I can't find the time right now to stop and think. Hopefully I'll be able to actually work up a real post soon.

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