First the bitching, then the happy stuff.

Things that bug me:

- She is a selfish woman and I feel badly for her poor children who are going to see this someday.

- Michael Vick. On the Eagles. Blah.

Things that are awesome:
- My coworkers who are making me feel super special for my birthday. Lunch out today, homemade cupcakes, and a gift card for another lunch out at Max Brenner (mmmmm!).

- My birthday present from Ro. A girls night out to see a cheesetastic movie that my husband would never want to see, and a dinner afterwards. Yay!

- Another good morning (sickness-wise)... go Sea Bands! go Ensure! go sleeping for an extra 45 minutes!

- The fact that its Friday... and that tomorrow, my birthday, is Saturday! And I get to sleep in!


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~ Meegs