I really wanted to write a post about food with a great recipe and more mediocre food pictures in it, because I miss that and I don't want you to think I'm not cooking. Although, frankly, lately I'm not*. And one doesn't really need to post a recipe that goes, "cook pasta. dump jar of alfredo sauce on top." because that's all I can stomach at the moment.
Trav got me a sweet potato/yam (the orange one, not the yellow one) yesterday, and we had a little celebration because I ate the whole thing! Woo!

I was just looking through old posts with recipes and I, honest to god, cannot wait until the fall when I'm so going to be cooking again. A lot. Because by then 1) it will be cooler and therefore easier to use the stove/oven, and 2) I'll either be feeling better or be on drugs to make me feel better because really, enough is enough. Seriously, we celebrated, over a yam. (My weight check appointment is tomorrow, we'll see what happens....)

But really, I love cooking in the fall and winter. The hardy, warm, comforting foods are totally my cup of tea. I'm pretty sure I say this every year, but c'est la vie... won't kill you to hear it again. I suppose its so on my mind right now because its only a month until fall is officially here, and I just really miss enjoying food.

* I did whip up some biscuits and sausage gravy this weekend since we had the stuff we needed for it. I only ate half a biscuits worth, but it was good. And it really was nice to cook!

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