wedding weekend

We had a great weekend. The wedding was beautiful, the ceremony itself was actually hilarious (their officiant was a riot), and it was so great to see family. I took no pictures because I basically forgot to... but my brother has some nice ones on his camera that I'm waiting for.

Sunday they had a brunch on the roof of their apartment (its a patio setup, with tables and plants, and a pool!). It was one of the hottest days we've had so far, and though the extent of the heat might have been a surprise, I really don't know why I was SO surprised. I mean, on a roof top in August. Not really expecting cool. But they had the pool there, that everyone stuck their feet into. And I spent my time in the shade provided by one of the potted trees they had up there.

On that note, I'm so glad we took today off... best decision ever. Between all the driving, and weddings just being fun but tiring, and the freakin HEAT, we were exhausted last night. The extra hours to sleep were much appreciated. Not to mention the heat index for today is supposed to be in the 100s, so I am happy to not have to leave!

Another nice thing about the weekend... Daisy had her first experience with sleeping away from us at someone else's house. She's had a weekend away from us before, but my brother came here to watch her that time. This time she went to one of Trav's coworker's places... with their lab, Snickers, who is almost twice Daisy's size! She had the best time with her playmate, and was a really good girl! I'm very proud. ;-)

Well, time for me to pop into the shower and continue my lazy day. Bye!

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