autumn love

I know that you all know about my love for autumn already, but I couldn't help myself... I had to share this with you:

Fall is my most favorite season. I love those first gusts of cold air and the wind beginning to whip the leaves around like confetti across the roads. I love the colors--the fiery reds, the warm browns and the cheerful yellows. I love fires in the fireplace and pumpkin scented candles. I love hearty meals ... [like beef stew, baked macaroni and cheese, and mashed potatoes]. I love wrapping myself in cozy sweaters, knit scarves and pulling out the tall boots. ... I love going to the pumpkin patch and taking the hayride to choose our pumpkins out at [Linvilla Orchards]. I just love everything about it!

That was written by the lovely Bev of A Baby? Maybe... and it was just too perfect not to bring over here. That is what I love about fall.

And we had a really nice fall weekend/first weekend in October... though Saturday it got into the 80s and didn't really feel like fall! Friday night we went to dinner at Ro & Pats... which is always nice. We did lots of catching up, lots of playing with GG, and relaxed. The Garlic Festival (Saturday) was fun, lots of samples, food all around. We definitely walked away from there smelling to high heaven! :-) Saturday night and half of Sunday we spent in the office removing wallpaper and paint. We're about halfway done, which is great. Doesn't look so lovely, but its a step in the right direction:

This week should be pretty quiet. Only one work event, more working on the office, but not too much else. My brother might be coming up this weekend (yay!), but that's not set in stone yet. Otherwise... just enjoying the autumn!! :-)


  1. Lovely walls! I just adore fall. Glad you had such a nice weekend. Isn't it about time for another belly shot?


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